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vScaler is a private Cloud platform built on Open Source technology that enables you to create a secure, scalable, cost-effective, flexible IT infrastructure. No vendor lock-in, no hidden costs, just your cloud, your way.

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What is vScaler?

About Us

vScaler is an integrated and finely-tuned cloud platform, built on Open Source technology, ready to manage your entire infrastructure out of the box.

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Our History

vScaler has been under development for a number of years, orchestrated from a consortium of IT professionals who have recognised the need for a hybrid approach to cloud computing.

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vScaler Private Cloud Appliance

vScaler is a private Cloud platform that enables the customer to implement a secure, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure enhancing transformation and creating operational efficiency and true business benefit.

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Latest News

OpenStack for Dummies

OpenStack for Dummies

We’ve collaborated with the Wiley team on an exciting new ‘For Dummies’ publication! ‘OpenStack for Dummies’ brought to you by vScaler, is an in-depth primer into all things OpenStack. If …

Shipping Containers

Containerised deployments with vScaler

Containers and containerization have become increasingly popular in recent times thanks to the advent of cloud computing and virtualisation. Containers offer a simplified deployment method of implementing specific infrastructure requirements. …