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  • With HPC on Demand from vScaler you can spin up an HPC Cluster,
    run an MPI application and bring the cluster down - all within 4 minutes!
    Launch your Cluster in minutes
  • Containerised Deployments
    With access and support for containerised environments such as
    Docker, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos, vScaler users can enjoy
    the benefits of efficiency and agility that containerisation affords.
  • OpenStack for Dummies
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High performance cloud


With vScaler, you can deploy your on-premise private cloud in minutes, add cloud-based services or applications, and scale to public or hybrid cloud environments on-demand - all under a single management portal.

Deploy in minutes

Up to 200 VMs
per single 2U appliance


Scale out on-premises with additional systems as demand dictates

Software Defined Storage

Store your data in our self-healing, self-managing storage platform with no single point of failure

Management Portal

Manage your private or hybrid cloud and applications from a single management portal


Keep your secure data on-premise and offload less sensitive workloads to the cloud

Enterprise grade

High availability and self-healing
across the entire clustre

Multiple Cloud Applications

vScaler Verticals

vScaler has been engineered by a team of HPC, Finance, Broadcast & Media experts to bring a finely tuned application-specific cloud platform to the market.
vScaler is designed to provision and manage HPC clusters in your data center. It can also provision and manage clusters that are running on virtual servers inside public clouds as if they were local machines. This capability can be used to build an entire cluster in a public cloud or other Openstack cloud from scratch, or to extend a physical cluster into the cloud when you need extra capacity.
Big Data
Big Data
vScaler makes deploying analytical clusters (Hadoop or Spark) a trivial task. Our interface takes all the administrative burden out of configuring a complex cluster and software eco-system and provides you with the tools to get to work straight away. Select from your preferred distribution (Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR) and begin running data-intensive applications in minutes.
Broadcast & Media
Broadcast & Media
vScaler enables Broadcast & Media companies to transition to IP-based infrastructures, as a physical appliance, as a cloud-based service, or as both in a hybrid model. Built on commodity hardware and leveraging opensource software, vScaler removes the need for traditional proprietary solutions and makes it easy
for OEM’s and ISV’s to transition to a cloud based platform.

vScaler Reference Architecture

3U Blade enclosure with the following :
1 x Management Module
1 x 1Gbe Switch
1 x 10Gbe Swith
1 x Deployment Host Node: 1 x E5-2609V4 CPU, 64GB DDR4-2400 Memory, 2 x 200GB 3DWPD SSD
3 x Controller Nodes: 1 x E5-2609V4 CPU, 64GB DDR4-2400 Memory, 2 x 200GB 3DWPD SSD (per node)
3 x Storage Nodes: 1 x Xeon D CPU, 128GB DDR4-2400 Memory, 2 x 200GB 3DWPD SSD, 2 x 1TB 4kN HDD (per node)
4 x Compute Nodes: 2 x E5-2609V4 CPU, 128GB DDR4-2400 Memory, 2 x 200GB 3DWPD SSD (per node)
Out of band management
3 Years next business day warranty

vScaler Pricing

vScaler pricing is tailored to suit customers specific requirements with regard to storage and compute.


per hour
  • 1 VCPU*
  • 2048 MB RAM
  • 20 GB DISK


per hour
  • 2 VCPU*
  • 4096 MB RAM
  • 40 GB DISK


per hour
  • 4 VCPU*
  • 8192 MB RAM
  • 80 GB DISK

Extra Large

per hour
  • 8 VCPU*
  • 16384 MB RAM
  • 160 GB DISK

* vCPU: Provisioned with one hyperthread of a physical core of an Intel Xeon CPU or comparable processor


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