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vScaler launches Deep Learning in the cloud.

vScaler has extended its Application Specific Cloud portfolio to support Deep learning in the cloud. vScaler customers can now spin up a Deep Learning environment pre-installed with a DL framework of their choice, in just a matter of minutes using the vScaler management portal.


Today’s leading Deep Learning models (Artificial Intelligence) typically take days to weeks to train, forcing data scientists to make compromises between accuracy and time to deployment. GPU-acceleration has become commonplace in many applications including Deep Learning, Big Data and neural networks as it is proven to dramatically reduce training time.


vScaler has integrated a GPU element along with a number of popular Deep Learning frameworks, including Tensorflow, Caffe and Theano in the its cloud ecosystem, which leverages the world’s fastest NVIDIA® GPU accelerators for deep learning training. These K80 GPUs (soon to be replaced by P100s) are purpose-built to be the engine of computers that learn, see, and simulate our world, and leveraging them via the vScaler cloud platform, saves customers the initial capital expenditure of an on-premise GPU solution.


See Deep Learning in the Cloud for yourself in our short demo video above. Contact us to arrange a free live demonstration!




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