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vScaler is on the G-Cloud 8 Framework

LONDON, JANUARY 2017: vScaler Ltd. Is now offering its Cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) through the G-Cloud8 (G8) framework.


In collaboration with our HPC & Financial services partners, BIOS IT, vScaler’s OpenStack powered IaaS platform, including full API access and support is now listed on the G-Cloud (G8) framework.


Since its launch in 2015 as a small cluster in one of vScaler’s technology labs, we have today expanded to numerous dedicated datacentres with worldwide access. vScaler currently has multiple deployments of its cloud technology for various customers ranging from start-ups, to commercial entities as well as numerous Universities. With the assistance of strategic technology partners, we provide customers from a broad range of verticals such as Broadcast and Media, HPC , Big Data Analytics and Financial services with a dedicated, application specific cloud platform deployed with existing in-house expertise.


vScaler takes the deployment complexity out of OpenStack and manages your entire infrastructure – be it on site as a private cloud appliance, or off premise via our public offering. The vScaler storage backend leverages HPC technologies and components to allow even the most IO intensive workload run in an efficient manner. vScaler also includes HPC deployment capabilities within OpenStack and offers the ability to ‘burst’ HPC workloads – allowing customers to leverage public infrastructures and applications.


For a limited time, vScaler is offering customers a free trial of its cloud platform which includes IaaS, HPC on demand, big data and deep learning integrations, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’. We can provide this service on-site or via remote access depending on your requirements.


Competitively priced, secure, fully supported and available immediately, vScaler is poised and ready to simplify your infrastructure. Visit our listing on the G-Cloud Framework or get in touch to find out more