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vScaler Cloud Options

vScaler Private

vScaler private is a hyperconverged on-premise appliance, with a powerful cloud hypervisor based on open stan- dards. Out of the box, the platform allows you to offer cloud services to your organisation (just like a public cloud) but with greater security, control and compliance. This is where your cloud jour- ney begins. Once you are familiar with controlling your cloud, you can then control public and hybrid cloud environments directly from your original in- vestment, saving you time and money.

Continuing your journey, working with the vScaler team to deploy your workflows and applications to a public cloud environment in one of our global datacentres utilising either a private or public connection.
vScaler Cloud Options

vScaler Public

Leverage our public offering which includes a dedicated dark fibre network and hardware platforms which have been optimised for specific verticals such as HPC, Broadcast & Media and Finance.

Our public offering can be used as a burst facility for any vScaler private platform or as a dedicated public resource configured with the latest generation HPC hardware to address the most challenging of tasks.

Global Network

vScaler Connect

Formed from a secure dark fibre network that surrounds London and through a collaboration of global communication providers, vScaler Connect has the ability to deliver your data in a fast and secure way. Our speed to deliver on data, recognised by leading organisations within Broadcast, Finance and HPC means our users can benefit from the flexibility, cost efficiency and improved resource sharing that cloud provides.

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