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vScaler is a private Cloud platform built on Open Source technology that enables you to create a secure, scalable, cost-effective, flexible IT infrastructure. No vendor lock-in, no hidden costs, just your cloud, your way.
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What is vScaler?

About Us

vScaler is an integrated and finely-tuned cloud platform that’s ready to manage your entire infrastructure out of the box.

Our History

vScaler has been under development for a number of years, orchestrated from a consortium of IT professionals who have recognised the need for a hybrid approach to cloud computing.

Private Cloud Appliance

The vScaler Private Cloud Appliance comes with a variety of building blocks to suit any workloads, including Hyper-Converged, Compute, GPU, Flash/Hybrid and Storage specific SKUs.

Introducing the


enjoy cost savings and performance boosts

Our Numbers

70 %
More cost effective than leading cloud providers
40 %
Faster than native OpenStack in LinPack Performance tests
6 X
Performance boost thanks to high performance vNICs
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