For many businesses, moving to the cloud is an end-goal that is driving smart, agile solutions to create new value in an era of digital transformation. According to research conducted by Capita’s head of cloud and platform, “IT leaders largely indicated cloud migration as their top priority – above process automation, big-data analytics, and artificial intelligence or machine learning” and that “it is pretty clear that cloud expense is one of their chief concerns. The main thing on their minds right now is how to control that spend”.

It is evident that cloud migration is dynamic, as opposed to a one-off event, as it requires well-coordinated actions to enable flexibility in shifting between workloads. With this in mind, vScaler and Hystax set out to create a collaborative, smart strategy which enables companies to start their cloud journey in just a few clicks. Together, they have begun to create a flexible, cost-effective, scalable and secure IT infrastructure that will be intuitively native, and all the inner cloud processes will be executed without compromising on performance.

The above include some of the reasons that vScaler, a finely-tuned private Cloud platform built on Open source technologies, has deliberately decided to establish a long-term business partnership with Hystax and to provide medium, large and enterprise customers with the unique opportunity to:

  • Migrate their workloads in real-time without stoppage of production
  • Perform cloud migration, along with highly automated orchestration, whereby even complex applications run smoothly and quickly while retaining reliability, efficiency and security
  • Preserve your business continuity and IT resilience
  • Take control of your multi-cloud budget and resource provisioning

“In the era of digital transformation and economic viability, we are constantly intensifying the business potential of our partners and customers, and helping them build a flexible and secure ecosystem enriched with great opportunities to migrate workloads smoothly without production stoppage. Moreover, it’s now critical for companies to prevent budget overruns and to keep their cloud cost under control, therefore, we have integrated this capability into our fully-automated software, making Hystax Acura a truly unique solution,” – Nick Smirnov, CEO, Hystax.

“At vScaler, we are all about solving problems for our customers and removing any pain-points when it comes to cloud migration,” comments David Power, CTO of vScaler. “Hystax enables vScaler to deliver a seamless migration path from a number of different hypervisors over onto OpenStack, allowing our customers to move entire workloads from one cloud platform to another in a simple and efficient manner.”

About Hystax
Hystax, a progressively fast-growing company, was founded in 2016 by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and engineers with the goal of “transforming clouds into a commodity”. As an innovative hybrid cloud management platform, Hystax is well-known for its fully-automated, market leading cloud migration solution, Hystax Acura, which enables businesses to migrate quickly, and securely from any source site to any target cloud. Ever-evolving, Hystax has integrated a unique cost-effective product combining all of Hystax Acura’s capabilities, together with a strong focus on IT budget control, multi-cloud resource provisioning. In this way, the Hystax cloud strategy is intended not only to benefit the company’s customers, but also society at large.

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