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ATASS Sports is a statistical research consultancy providing world-leading modelling and forecasting services to the global sports industry, allowing sporting outcomes to be predicted with unparalleled accuracy.


With scaling workloads and complex infrastructure management tools Atass’s primary objective was to replace legacy HPC systems with new generation technology managed by an on-premise HPC Cloud, affording the growing team the compute capacity they required via an easy to use interface. The new solution would enhance the team’s HPC capabilities with a focus on improving and accelerating data analytics workloads. 


As fans of open source technologies, the team at Atass had recognised OpenStack as a private Cloud solution that could deliver on their infrastructure requirements, but the complexities of deploying such a solution was a concern.

“OpenStack has been something that we have been interested in for a while now but have always shied away as its seemed too complicated and too difficult for our small in-house team. Having vScaler as a layer on top of OpenStack which gives us all the functionality without needing significant amounts of technical resource to use it has been really useful.” Paul Jones, Head of IT Systems Technologies at Atass

The end solution is a cloud environment where the HPC compute nodes are bare-metal provisioned for maximum performance and peripheral HPC services and management systems are virtualised, allowing for greater resilience. Ataas can now also create ad-hoc instances to test and evaluate new software frameworks separate to their HPC cluster – bringing traditional enterprise capabilities and HPC capabilities together under a single management interface.

vScaler has brought significant performance results to Ataas’s workloads, including a 50% modelling speed performance increase as well as a 33% reduction in HPC power consumption

Future development plans at Atass include Cloud bursting to public cloud as well as the Containerisation of their application suite, which will enable the team to flexibly allocate cluster resources to different users and workloads.

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Atass Sports boasts one of the largest commercial statistical research teams in Europe and is a leader in the field of the application of statistical modelling in sports. It has created and continues to develop a collection of statistical and mathematical models that allow sporting outcomes to be predicted with unparalleled accuracy.

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