CFD simulations are increasingly becoming more computationally demanding. In a number of areas within various industries, it is imperative to create simulations as fast and precisely as possible. This is only possible when you invest large sums of money in increasing the performance of the systems. Both from a hardware and software point of view, the performance is limited by the current technology available and to a certain extent the brain power available at this time.

With the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs, certain solvers and models can be accelerated dramatically over traditional CPU technology and when you combine this with the increased capacity of HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory) on the GPU, these are becoming a contender for running large scale simulations.

With modern technology, you can now do computations on CPUs and GPUS concurrently, therefore, reducing simulation time and making the overall process more efficient. Some systems can contain a number of GPUs which means that independent computing tasks can be solved simultaneously. When simulations are solved on GPU, the CPU resources are free and can be used for other activities such as pre and post processing.

As a result, we are seeing a large number of industries turn to CFD to help them solve their problems. Notably the property/construction industry, who are using CFD to solve complex structural engineering issues before they even arise, something that was not happening 10-15 years ago. As an example, the construction industry is currently using CFD for airflow modelling which entails airflow, heat transfer and contaminant transportation in and around buildings.


vScaler CFD Workflow Diagram
Fig.1 vScaler CFD Workflow


vScaler can add value in the CAE/CFD arena as we provide a tailor-made solution (see Fig.1) that enables you to take advantage of the modern simulation methods via an application specific, cloud environment. Enjoy all the performance benefits of a dedicated supercomputer but at the fraction of the cost. Supporting industry-leading software such as ANSYS, OpenFOAM, Pam-Crash and STAR-CCM+ (among others), vScaler for CFD is specifically designed to improve access and development efficiency.

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