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NxAARK Technologies Pvt Ltd is an organisation focused on delivering IT infrastructure Services including DC Design, Build and Operate consultancy services, Consolidated Modular Data Centres and NxAARK Enterprise Cloud.


NxAARK’s primary objective was to find a cost-effective cloud model that would enable it to quickly offer Hosted Enterprise Cloud to its customers at a competitive price point.

NxAARK was keen to work with a partner who can deliver not only the Cloud Platform that would power its own infrastructure, but that was also available in an appliance form. They recognised that working with an established cloud partner would allow them to leverage its technological capabilities while their own team focused on mission-critical tasks and market creation.

After having evaluated multiple global cloud providers, NxAARK zeroed in on vScaler, primarily because of the ease and simplicity of the technology rollout, the features that came as standard and not least – the competitive price point.

“At NxAARK, we strongly believe that Cloud must be ubiquitous and tangible across the India market, so our main goal is to implement Enterprise Cloud POPs across multiple Tier 2 cities along with on-premise Private Cloud implementations – all managed through one single orchestration panel. vScaler has given us the ability to deliver this robust and repeatable cloud infrastructure”.
D. Satyamoorthy, Managing Director – NxAARK Technologies .


The requirement was to set up a Service portfolio that would enable NxAARK as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). The desire was to source a non-proprietary solution which would be performance optimised out of the box and have the ability to support multiple applications such as HPC, Big Data, and AI/ML. As vScaler is built on Opensource technology there is no vendor lock-in, and it comes with support for Containers, GPU and vGPU as native – offering NxAARK complete flexibility in its choice of Services offerings.


NxAARK found that the key differentiators between vScaler and alternative competitive offerings included multi-level integrations, long leads on solution feasibility, cost sensitivity from a market offering standpoint, performance reliability concerns and high engagement on-going support services.

The vScaler HCI modular solution delivered a fully integrated, single-pane-of-glass, multi-platform, multi-location, hosted/on-premise flexibility and a fast learning curve that aligned with NxAARK’s build-as-you-grow approach. With the implementation being out-of-the-box, vScaler enabled NxAARK to ‘Go-Live’ within weeks. Additionally, vScaler provided Consulting Services on product portfolio builds, including right-sizing the solution for the market, which enabled NxAARK to be business ready once the infrastructure was in place. The key was the vScaler team’s continuous involvement and ownership to ensure a complete partner shape up, not just at a local level but globally.

NxAARK’s intent was to build an offering which would span across hosted enterprise cloud and on-premise private cloud, which it can now deliver thanks to vScaler. As a result, NxAARK is able to compete very well in the market place against Tier 1 cloud providers such as AWS/Microsoft /IBM etc. The subsequent phase of the project includes implementing Cloud POPs in Chennai, Kochi, Coimbatore, Colombo and Pune.

Download the Case Study in full, or get in touch if you would like to find out more.


NxAARK’s fundamental focus is on Information Technology & Infrastructure Services. It has been founded by a team which collectively has more than a 100 years of global market experience in various aspects of the IT business, from Strategy, Sales to Marketing to Channel to Operations and Product development. The diversity and experience that they bring to the table form the pivot of the business model. NxAARK ‘s mission is to take away the IT Infrastructure complexities and help the clients to focus on the core business. IT has transformed from the mundane Computing, Storage, ERP, Data Centres to being more agile and fl exible in the ever-changing market scenario. NxAARK changes all these and delivers a cost efficient and highly available solutions to the market place.



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