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October 15th, Johannesburg, South Africa: In partnership with Wingu and Supermicro®, vScaler will showcase its Cloud offering at the MyBroadband Conference in South Africa on October 17th. The opensource cloud solution from vScaler, designed to scale for any workload, can deliver a secure, scalable and flexible IT Infrastructure for a variety of industries.

vScaler’s open source cloud solution enhances digital transformation and improves business operational efficiency. Customers can deploy an on-premise private cloud in minutes, add cloud-based services or applications, and scale to public or hybrid cloud environments on-demand – all under a single management portal. With application specific stacks tailored to suit any workload from HPC, AI and Deep Learning, to Finance and Broadcasting – vScaler is fully adaptable to suit your specific Infrastructure requirements.

vScaler is built with AI and Deep Learning workloads in mind, supporting GPU, vGPU and FPGA. The platform can provide you with a production-ready environment with integrated AI application stacks and optimised NVMe storage, eliminating the administrative burden of setting up these complex AI environments manually.

Increasingly complex AI demands unprecedented levels of compute. To deliver on this, vScaler has integrated the NVIDIA DGX-2 – the world’s first 2 petaflops system, packing the power of 16 of the world’s most advanced GPUs – as the building block for computationally intensive workloads. Integrating this compute power into our cloud offers users the power of the DGX-2 at a more affordable price point and simplifies the management and orchestration of resource.

vScaler’s storage software helps companies of all sizes simplify the design, deployment and management of storage infrastructures by turning standard server hardware into a reliable and highly automated data centre file system. vScaler centralizes all I/O and places active files on the fastest tier (Flash/NVMe) but can also leverage the cost benefits of HDD and provide online archival capabilities for longer-term storage — all within a single platform.

As vScaler is so adaptable, our success stories cover a broad range of verticals. For example, in Finance vScaler is currently supporting digitization and innovation at a Tier 1 Bank allowing them to manage multiple global data centres and a plethora of research equipment from a central location. At Keele University, vScaler is now a key component of the MSc Advanced Computer Science course, not only to teach theoretical cloud concepts but also to apply and evaluate practical solutions for researchers. vScaler has also enabled a Cloud Service Provider in India for swift market entry, thanks to modular multi-platform services. The primary objective is to find a cost-effective cloud model that would enable the company to quickly offer Hosted Enterprise Cloud to its customers at a competitive price point.

Featuring containerised and batch-based environments, and optimised for both development and production workloads, vScaler brings the agility and cost savings of the cloud on-premise to your secure facility without compromising performance. vScaler enables highly automated processes and easy to use technology features that make application development teams and other IT teams more efficient in the day-to-day performance of tasks.

To find out more, visit vScaler on Stand 5 in Hall 3 at the MyBroadband event on October 17th or get in touch to arrange a test drive of the vScaler Cloud Platform.

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