Digital transformation is happening at all levels within the public sector; national, regional and local, brought about by a number of driving factors, not least the ever changing demands of the modern day communities.

The Government Transformation Strategy sets out the next phase of continuing to deliver world-class digital services and transform the way government engages and operates, making better use of data to build joined-up services, building shared platforms and establishing open standards.

Cloud for Government/Public Sector workloads

vScaler – a cloud platform and service, that offers a hybrid approach towards cloud computing, allows for private cloud adoption and access to a public resource when demand dictatesAs an official Crown Commercial Services provider via the G-Cloud 9 Framework, vScaler is positioned to assist both government and public sector industries with their digital transformation journey via its scalable end-to-end cloud platform.

Big Data

Big Data Analytics can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government, involving the storage and analysis of massive and diverse sets of public information. vScaler makes deploying analytical clusters (Hadoop or Spark) a trivial task. Our interface takes all the administrative burden out of configuring a complex cluster and software eco-system and provides you with the tools to get to work straight away enabling customers to begin running data-intensive applications in minutes.


Built on OpenStack, vScaler includes the full OpenStack API and agile build environment. The use of OpenStack creates an ideal habitat for DevOps, giving engineers the ability to innovate quickly and deal with uncertainty. It also maximizes existing infrastructure and provides a programmable, software-defined IaC.


vScaler offers secure private, public and hybrid cloud environments ensuring business in government and public sector can deliver scalable, highly efficient, cost effective applications to their users, provision services, and scale up or down as demand dictates – meaning a more efficient datacenter infrastructure setup and ultimately increased efficiency in the delivery of digital services.


End users of the vScaler cloud platform, can enjoy the benefits of efficiency and agility that containerisation affords. With access and support for containerized environments such as Docker, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos, vScaler enables its users to easily move, share and/or scale applications all via a single management interface. This open application deployment mechanism is integral to any digital transformation strategy.

Enabling AI and Deep Learning Workloads

vScaler is the ideal platform for spinning up deep learning environments for internal/external training and development. vScaler has integrated a number of the most commonly used DL frameworks and made them available to be deployed instantly.

Exhibiting at the Public Sector Show 2017, alongside co-location partners Aegis Data and network providers Global Cloud Xchange, join vScaler on booth 242 to find out more about how we can help with your digital transformation.

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