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BOSTON, MAY 2017: vScaler will exhibit at the OpenStack Summit 2017, on May 8th-11th, in Boston, Massachusetts. Located on booth A20, vScaler will showcase its application specific cloud platform including live demonstrations of its on-demand services, ranging from HPC-On-Demand, Deep Learning in the Cloud, Backup as a Service and Containerisation.

 One of the biggest benefits OpenStack has brought to the industry is the standardization of core cloud computing interfaces. However, according to OpenStack’s own survey, the OpenStack “raw” platform still suffers from many complexity issues that hinder the successful use of OpenStack. vScaler, a cloud infrastructure and service provider build on top of OpenStack, offers on-demand HPC, Broadcast and Media, Finance and Big Data solutions to a diverse group of companies and researchers such as scientific research groups, oil & gas, public and private sector to name a few. vScaler offers a self service portal that removes deployment complexities as well as ensuring optimal performance on top of OpenStack.

Application Specific Cloud Services

Setting up a traditional cluster from bare metal, can take days, weeks or months. vScaler allows users to spin up dedicated clusters on demand in a few simple clicks – in a matter of minutes!

Deep Learning in the Cloud
vScaler has integrated GPUs along with a number of popular Deep Learning frameworks, including Tensorflow, Caffe and Theano in the its cloud ecosystem. Leveraging the world’s fastest NVIDIA® GPU accelerators for deep learning training, purpose-built to dramatically reduce training time, vScalers GPU cloud offering saves you the initial capital expenditure of an on-premise GPU solution.

Backup as a Service
vScaler’s BaaS (Backup as a Service) offering consists of an on-premise appliance and automated data replication to a secure public cloud.

vScaler can now offer end users access to containerised environments such as Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos.

vScaler is continuously expanding its infrastructure and extending its range of application stacks, from HPC to Deep Learning, Finance, Big Data, Security and beyond. David Power, CTO vScaler comments, “vScaler will continue to make application specific cloud more accessible, affordable and flexible for both enterprise and academic users”.

Competitively priced, secure, fully supported and available immediately, vScaler is poised and ready to simplify your infrastructure. Get in touch to arrange a meeting at Openstack summit, or visit to find out more.

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