The vScaler Story

About us

vScaler was developed by a team of experts from the High Performance Computing community that had been building HPC clusters for commercial and academic customers for many years. These customers had demanding applications that might take hundreds of thousands of core-hours to complete, and as such they had exacting requirements in terms of system efficiency – few sought the flexibility that modern cloud platforms could offer, primarily because such platforms generally offered flexibility at the expense of speed.

The vScaler team believed that flexibility and performance could go hand-in-hand, and set about building a performance-optimized cloud platform by combining best-of-breed open-source technology with their considerable expertise in HPC system architecture and optimization.

From Traditional HPC to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

With the advent of AI and Big Data, the world has started to embrace new technologies for analyzing large data sets using machine learning to recognize patterns, identify trends, and determine probable outcomes or challenges. As a result, HPC is no longer limited to computer simulation for science and engineering, but is a generic tool that can be deployed in various guises across most industries: banking, biotech, consumer analytics, design, defence, engineering, entertainment, fraud detection, healthcare, logistics, IoT, science, security and weather.

The widening application of what we now call High Performance Computing and Analytics (HPCA) and the rapid broadening of its customer base means that “one size fits all” no longer holds; the team’s vision of a flexible and optimally-tuned cloud platform, and the Company’s investment in their enthusiasm and commitment, now seems wholly vindicated.

“HPC technologies are now being used in much broader application domains and specifically in real-time data analytics, where AI, machine learning and Big Data meet. This High Performance Computing and Analytics sector is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years, and vScaler’s mission is to provide a self-service cloud infrastructure that can run HPCA workloads in a highly- efficient manner” – Michael Rudgyard, CEO.

Embracing Open-Source

The vScaler team has embraced open-source technology from the very beginning, ensuring that its products remain 100% compatible with the key components on which it is built, giving customers flexibility and peace-of-mind. vScaler uses OpenStack at its core, while offering added-value capabilities that relate to monitoring, management, security and support. vScaler then provides tools to deploy other open-source technologies within OpenStack, including Ceph, Docker, Hadoop. Kubernetes, Spark and Tensorflow, as well as a myriad of solutions for HPC including standard job-scheduling and message-passing solutions.

Making Cloud Services Accessible

OpenStack is recognized as a technology that is highly capable yet very complex to deploy and maintain. vScaler simplifies the installation, configuration and usability of OpenStack, while our support and managed services offerings are designed to ensure that customers can choose just how much in-house resource to invest in – whether running their own private cloud, or hosting a third-party private cloud or fully public cloud.

vScaler is tightly integrated with third-party commercial software for back-up and recovery, billing, cloud migration, data security and high-performance storage. It offers an end-to-end solution for the most demanding requirements in HPCA and Enterprise Computing.

“One of our early goals was to make OpenStack more accessible to customers who wouldn’t necessarily have the in-house skills to deploy, manage and support a complex Cloud infrastructure” – Michael Rudgyard, CEO.




More cost effective than leading cloud providers

40 %

Faster than native OpenStack in LinPack Performance tests

6 X

Performance boost thanks to high performance vNICs