CFD in the Cloud

vScaler can offer CFD users an application specific, cloud environment with the performance benefits of a dedicated supercomputer but at the fraction of the cost. Supporting industry leading software such as ANSYS, OpenFOAM, Pam-Crash and STAR-CCM+ (among others), vScaler for CFD is specifically designed to improve access and development efficiency




Open Source

Built on OpenSource cloud technology, and using open source CFD software such as OpenFOAM, vScaler offers researchers access to the tools and HPC parallel-processing power they need to perform CFD analyses on their own.

Minimise your Product Development Lifecycle

Rely less on physical testing and speed up your product development lifecycle by running your CFD simulations on our open source cloud platform rather than legacy hardware and wind tunnels.

CFD Specialists

As an added service, vScaler’s in-house highly specialised team of Formula 1 CFD and aerodynamics experts can also aid in tuning meshing and solver performance through, for example: process and memory bindings, to deliver staggering results.

vScaler for CFD

vScaler’s private cloud solution for CFD, is built on Open Source technology that enables you to create a secure, scalable, cost-eff ective, flexible IT infrastructure. No vendor lock-in, no hidden costs, just your cloud, your way.