Deep Learning and AI

Deep Learning Frameworks in the Cloud powered by GPU

vScaler enables anyone to quickly deploy scalable, production-ready deep learning environments via an optimised private cloud appliance. Spin up application specific environments with the appropriate Deep Learning frameworks installed and ready for use, including Tensorflow, Caffe and Theano. These frameworks are accelerated using the world’s fastest GPUs, purpose-built to dramatically reduce training time for Deep learning and Machine Learning algorithms and AI simulations.

Faster Training & Inference
GPU and vGPU

Self Service Deep Learning Environments

vScaler empowers your end users to set up the evnironments they need for their work or research. With instant access to resources on-demand, our platform eliminates the need for system administration skills and allows researchers to concentrate on the task at hand.

deep learning in the cloud

NVMe Accelerated Storage

Modern GPUs used in AI and ML have an amazing appetite for data - up to 16GB/s per GPU. Starving that appetite with slow storage, or wasting time copying data back and forth is a waste of GPU cycles, which is why vScaler incorporates NVMe accelerate storage to ensure the most eff icient use of our GPU resource.

Train your team

Our team of experts offer hands-on training in the latest AI and accelerated computing methods used to solve real-world problems. Designed for developers, data scientists, and researchers, our training can be delivered online or onsite via instructor-led courses.

vScaler for Deep Learning

vScaler provides you with a production ready environment with integrated Deep Learning application stacks and optimised NVMe storage, eliminating the administrative burden of setting up these complex environments manually.