The History of vScaler Private Cloud, built on Open source technology.

With his vast knowledge of HPC computing, vScaler CTO David Power, observed that the complexity of integrating HPC frameworks into an OpenSource environment was a major hurdle for both commercial customers and research institutes alike. It became apparent that a product that enabled simple and effective use of the vast library of license free software to satisfy their technology requirements didn’t actually exist.

Whilst the product has developed and matured to manage mixed workloads and HPC through the same intuitive interface, this was the start of the vScaler story.

Since its launch in 2015, vScaler has today expanded to numerous dedicated datacentres with worldwide access thanks to a collaboration with Global Cloud Xchange (GCX). vScaler currently has multiple deployments of its cloud technology for various customers ranging from start-ups, to commercial entities as well as numerous Universities. With the assistance of strategic technology partners, such as GCX, BMC UK and BIOS IT, we provide customers from a broad range of verticals such as Broadcast and Media, HPC and Financial services with a dedicated, application specific cloud platform deployed with existing in-house expertise.

“The motivation behind vScaler is two-fold: firstly, we are seeing a convergence of HPC technologies being used in wider and broader application domains. Secondly, we notice a trend towards leveraging cloud for certain HPC workloads. vScaler is designed to bridge the gap and allow cloud access be more autonomous for HPC workloads and to help build cloud infrastructures that can run these workloads very efficiently” says Director and CTO of vScaler – David Power.

Introducing OpenStack

With a background in Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Genetic Algorithms, David started his HPC career by managing an in-house cluster at the University of Limerick back in 2003. At the time, this cluster was a mammoth infrastructure consisting of a couple of Pentium 3’s connected via megabit Ethernet! Since then, David has spent over a decade working on large-scale HPC systems with a history of bringing award-winning products to market. A fan of open source technologies since the beginning, David selected OpenStack as the perfect platform to build the vScaler cloud offering on.

OpenStack is recognised as a technology that is incredibly capable but also incredibly complex. Unfortunately, this complexity increases the barriers to a more widespread adoption. One of vScaler’s goals is to make OpenStack more accessible to people who wouldn’t necessarily have the in-house skills required to manage a complex OpenStack framework.

At its core, vScaler is an integrated and finely-tuned stack that takes the deployment complexity out of OpenStack and manages your entire infrastructure. vScaler also includes HPC deployment capabilities within OpenStack.