Managed Services, Hosting & Connectivity

Why use vScaler for your managed Service?

We build from the application out

We take care of DC access. We take care of connectivity. We take care of storage, compute and the applications you require.

We build from the application out, meaning; the type of application you are to run in the data centre is key to your choice of data centre location and the data centre features and services, particularly as applications are now no longer designed as monolithic (one-application-per-box), but may now be created from a combination of virtualised infrastructures, micro-services, and containers.

What makes us different? vScaler is built in-house; designed, configured and optimised (both software and hardware), so we can migrate, manage and scale your infrastructure as a complete service.

vScaler Managed Hosting gives our customers the opportunity to control and scale their infrastructure quickly either on-premise or via a DC under a single SLA.

vScaler as a Private Managed Cloud platform, enables internal IT teams to continue to manage the organisations infrastructure with the performance and security they were originally designed for.

With vScaler Connect you can easily develop a ‘multi-cloud’ environment. Our network has direct (private) connections that link to the key hyper-scale cloud platforms like Azure, AWS and Google, which means you are never locked-in to one provider. From our central dark fibre core, we can connect you and your business to global infrastructure affording you flexibility, dependability and scalability.

Private Cloud as a Service

We take care of DC access. We take care of connectivity. We take care of storage, compute and the applications you require.

Realise the benefits of the public cloud, with the greater levels of control and security of a fully hosted, single-tenant, dedicated environment. Let us manage your private cloud infrastructure under a single, easy to manage Service Level Agreement (SLA).

With no vendor lock-in, and a single cloud service provider, we deliver your cloud, your way.

vScaler Connect

Formed from a secure dark fiber network that surrounds London and through a collaboration of global communication providers, vScaler Connect has the ability to deliver your data in a fast and secure way

vScaler Appliance

Deploy an on-premise private cloud in minutes, add cloud based services or applications, and scale to public or hybrid cloud environments on-demand - all under a single management portal.

vScaler Hosting

Our superior hosting packages, connectivity and processing power enables our customers to access the full potential of the modern cloud solution at a cost-effective price.

Global Connectivity

London Dark fiber network

Private 100Mb-10Gb lines

Business grade Internet

Fiber, Uncontested, Low-Latency

vScaler Cloud eXchange

Global Connectivity Partners


Multiple locations & options

2KW - 25KW Racks

Tier1 & Tier2 carrier options

Trusted security

Tier 3 resilient infrastructure

Full component monitoring

Our Managed Services Suite

Private Managed Cloud

Fully isolated, secure cloud environments managed by us, with application specific stacks, tailored and rightsized for your needs.


Managed Hosting

We run your infrastructure in one of our highly secure, highly resilient DC’s leaving you to focus on mission-critical applications


vScaler Connect

Privately owned IP network with 100G dark fibre back bone with direct access to Cloud Service Providers


+ Application Services

Dedicated experts from a broad domain pool that can assist you in optimising your application specific stack

+ Professional Services

Including options such as service on-boarding and off boarding, we ensure a smooth migration to cloud with the help of our experts.

+ Support & Expertise

First class industry knowledge resulting in leading edge innovation coupled with 24/7 customer service and support

Fully Managed or Co-Managed from $5K p/m.

vScaler Managed Services help companies leverage on demand, high-performance cloud technology. We take on the complexities of private, public and hybrid clouds including Infrastructure, hosting services, and connectivity. We combine know-how, security, and soft ware to meet your ‘as a service’ requirements. Offered as optional modular add-ons or as a complete bundle - take over whenever you need and let vScaler do the hardwork.

*Pricing subject to final specifications, location and SLA