Faster, Cheaper and more flexible than legacy on-premise solutions

The dynamics of eCommerce is constantly changing in today’s retail market. Legacy on-premise hardware simply can’t deliver the speed and agility retailers need to keep up with these changing trends. IT departments are forced to spend the bulk of their time simply maintaining back-end infrastructure rather than implementing initiatives to meet changing consumer demands. vScaler provides eCommerce companies with a platform that helps them keep the pace with ever-evolving requirements – while keeping costs down, risks low and security high.




Lower your TCO

Avoid large upfront investments to purchase the physical servers and facilities needed to manage and maintain the software, as well as software licenses themselves. With vScaler Managed Services, let your internal team focus on mission critical and strategic initiatives while we take care of the rest.

Grow your business

Quickly respond to market opportunities by quickly deploying additional sites for different business models (B2B and B2C), brands and countries, all on the same platform and via a single management interface.

Scale your resource

Cloud-based ecommerce software platforms are also easier to scale, giving you the flexibility to handle more customers as your business grows. For example, for Black Friday spikes or viral campaigns, our platform can be adjusted to dynamically provision more resources when necessary – at the click of a button.

vScaler for eCommerce

Your business is constantly evolving, and it is essential to have an IT infrastructure that will be able to grow and evolve along with it, which is why more and more eCommerce customers are moving to the cloud. Start your cloud journey with vScaler.