Accelerating time to results in Life Sciences

vScaler can offer Genomics research institutes a centralised High-Performance Compute (HPC) cluster under a private cloud environment, enabling a shared computational resource which can be used by researchers from multidisciplinary teams with many and varying application requirements. Compute resource can be flexibly allocated to users and provide a significant cost saving over traditional public cloud services.


Significantly improve the computational capacity available to researchers


Seamlessly integrate with new or existing storage infrastructure and provide a path to scale in future


Manage your complete infrastructure with minimal administration overhead.


Scale out or ‘burst’ to your preferred public cloud partner, when demand dictates.

Multi-tenant secure HPC clusters

vScaler allows you to spin up secure dedicated HPC clusters enabling commercial collaboration or to create subsets of both internal and external users to work together on sensitive datasets.

Pre-installed and accelerated Genomics Pipeline Repository

vScaler’s genomics application repository includes hundreds of applications and pipelines, pre-installed and ready for use.

Provision Resource on Demand

vScaler’s architecture enables you to provision compute resource as and when your research group requires, and can deliver a combination of any of the following environment types:

  • HPC on demand (bare metal or virtual)
  • Virtual machines (for services as required or development environments for HPC users, post simulation visualisation etc)
  • Container environment / Container Orchestration Engines (Such as Kubernetes)
  • GPU computing (both in Virtual vGPU or PCI passthrough to a VM or bare metal)
  • Hadoop environments (Spark)

vScaler for Deep Learning

By leveraging a feature-rich private cloud environment such as vScaler, Genomics institutes can maximise the tools available to researchers while simultaneously driving down costs. Through migration services, application containerisation and extensive user support, vScaler enables you to focus on the important stuff – advanced medical research