Infinite HPC Nodes in minutes

With vScaler, your can deploy your on-premise private cloud in minutes, add cloud-based services and applications and scale to public and hybrid cloud environments on-demand – all under a single management portal.




Converged HPC, Big Data and Cloud platform

vScaler simplifies data centre infrastructure by integrating HPC, Big Data and Cloud resources into a converged platform that is capable of running any application at any scale. The platform enables agile sysadmin teams to quickly deploy scalable, production-ready private cloud environments, big data analytical platforms and/or traditional HPC clusters all under one management portal.

Application Optimisation

To reduce the time to results, our platform has an integrated containerised application repository which allows users or administrators to install additional applications across the cluster with a single command. Our repository contains applications built using optimised MPI libraries and compilers which integrate with our platform, and provide application ‘module’ fi les for simple integration into job submission scripts and user scripts.

Managed Services

Enterprise IT leaders are facing business transformation pressures from multiple fronts, including new and evolving applications, regulatory requirements, security threats, business accountability, and line-of-business relationships. vScaler includes optional add-on services packages in a building block approach.

HPC On Demand with vScaler

Our finely tuned software enables users to deploy HPC clusters of any scale. The HPC-on-Demand product provides a compelling solution for many challenges of delivering flexible infrastructure for research computing.