vScaler Cloud Storage

Simplify the design, deployment and management of your storage infrastructure

VCS is software that helps companies of all sizes simplify the design, deployment and management of storage infrastructures by turning standard server hardware into a reliable and highly automated data centre file system – hence it is viewed as a new generation hardware agnostic storage system. Just like virtual machine technology freed the virtual computer from the actual hardware it runs on, VCS makes data independent from the individual storage devices. In both cases, decoupling of logical and physical levels simplifies the management of infrastructure and enables the usage of hardware resources in a much more flexible way.

Distributed File System
Unif​ied Access
Linear Scalability and Performance
Data Safety, Redundancy, Availability, and Integrity in Software
File, Block, and Object Workloads within a Single System

VCS File based back-up system

Why use vScaler Storage?

VCS allows a single-file throughput above 1GB/s - integral for data intensive applications in HPC and Big Data. VCS also features a lean IO path - designed for concurrent random small block IO.

1 (4U) N/A 60 3.5" (6 NVMe) 384GB Dual 100G N/A

VCS is fault-tolerant: when parts of the system are not functional, due to hardware failure or operator error, the software automatically and transparently routes around the failure.

VCS can move files between devices, servers and tiers without sacrificing availability or fault tolerance guarantees.

vscaler cloud storage interface

vScaler Cloud Storage

With its broad interfaces, performance characteristics and dynamic configuration mechanisms, VCS supports any workload and has the means to consolidate any number of application storage silos into one horizontal storage infrastructure.